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Hot Tormato Keyboardist Replaced by Another Yes Fan

18 May

On behalf of our back-strained roadie, Hot Tormato has repeatedly urged keyboardist Cody Taye to add some lightweight digital synthesizers to his rig rather than lugging around an arse tonne of antique analogue unitaskers. “Look at Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater,” begged our aging roadie Lou, who used to work for Starcaster back in the day. "He uses only one keyboard!”

After months of refusal—and a gig where we caught Cody eating curry onstage—we replaced him with session ace Nick Wickerman, late of Summerisle. We look forward to working with someone who was trained at the Roswell College of Music, and since joining he has already reduced the gear load to just eight synthesizers and two keytars.

Drum Machine Messiah

25 October
Hot Tormato is excited to announce our most recent personnel change, which finds drummer extraordinaire Bro Billfold filling the drum throne vacated by Waylan Hyatt. Hyatt's departure caught us close to the edge of a big show at the Men in Black Club, but Billfold has done a great job, stepping in at the last moment.

Reviewers have been predictably hostile to the change, complaining that Hot Tormato is the only band with a built-in “refresh” button. But hold on! We remain committed to bringing you Hot Tormato music with the best and most inspired players. Fortunately, fans of good music stand with us.

Silly Human Race!

4 March

Much to our bemusement, some of our ex-members have formed a Hot Tormato tribute band and are gigging under their surnames as Emerson, Bickers, Yakov and Mau. They are playing lunchtime concerts at Ready Eddy’s Coffeehouse and billing their shows as “An Espresso with a Slice of Hot Tormato.”

Don’t be fooled!  As our lawyer says, “It will take a ton of leavening to make those crackers rise!”

Anders Jønsson: Soul Receiver

8 April

Anders Jønsson of Hot Tormato is delighted to announce that he has patched things up with his ex-bandmates in EBYaM. Turns out it was all a simple misunderstanding of compass directions.

Plans are now underway to do a joint Hot Tormato/EBYaM concert event called Unison, in which current and former Hot Tormato members will re-unite and perform together for the first time in a very special show. Be sure to catch us at the New Mexico State Fair as the warm-up act for the annual rib-eating contest!

Since it's local, you won't even have to travel very far.

Grumpy Old Man

17 May
The initial practice sessions for the upcoming Unison concert at the New Mexico State Fair grounds have proven to be intense and, at times, heated for the band members involved.

After listening back to MP3s of the first Unison rehearsals, Wickerman reportedly threw his iPhone out the window and proclaimed it to be “Confusion.”